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Since colonial times the building was a "casa alta" (high house) that predominates in this quarter. It is known that most of the buildings were of this type, because of their importance and use, located near the port, usually the first floor was used as warehouse or shop and the second was intended for rooms.

This house was probably built in the late seventeenth century and keeps the typical characteristics of this epoch. The spacious high-ceilinged entryway with in sight roof on beams, leads to a small lobby from which starts the staircase, which on the upper level has a small balcony. The front rooms on the ground floor keeps the original arches and interiors used in the past as warehouse or depot.

Continuing into the courtyard in the center of the house you can find the cistern or tank used to keep rainwater to drink during the dry season and today transformed into our cloistered dining room "El Aljibe". At the backyard the open kitchen and servantĀ“s rooms with a spiral staircase that climbs to the "mirador" on the roof's top.
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