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The block where the property is located is already shown on the first maps known of the city. It´s located on the most relevant quarter, where the Spanish colonization began, close to important buildings like the Casa de los Oficiales Reales (house of royal officers), the Cathedral and the Cabildo or Governor´s house, today seat of the regional administration of Bolivar Department.

The neighborhood was formerly named as "La Catedral" (the cathedral) and emerged from the union of "La Merced", "San Sebastián" and "Santa Catalina" quarters belonging the house to the last one.
It´s location has been during the years very relevant because of the proximity to the old port, the Inquisition Palace, the Plaza Mayor and Plaza del Mar squares known today as Plaza Bolivar and Plaza de la Aduana respectively.

The name of the street was formerly of "Calle de Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados" (Our Lady of the homeless), virgin patron of Valencia in Spain but during Independence was replaced by "Cochera del Gobernador" (the Governor´s carriage depot street) probably because the proximity to the Governor´s palace and the use of the house.